At home working on my book. I am passed the wanting to throw up phase so that's great! For anyone out there who wants to pursue their dreams. It is good to know about the phases that one must go through to get to state of completion. If you know these phases then it will be easier to deal with when you are in pursuit of your vision. To loosely describe it, it looks like this. 1. Inception 2. Enthusiam /Action 3. Moderate difficulty (the throwing up phase) 4. Foundation / Nectar, a sweet period of accomplishment and arrival. 5. Impossible Difficulty, the confrontation of external circumstances or internal demons whose whole aim is to stop completion. 6. Completion/ Metamorphosis, the state of completion which consequently leads to rebirth. 7. A return to Inception/ Enthusiasm. What stage are you in in the pursuit of your total vision? Is knowing what's next and what's possible a motivator to keep going? Keep in mind no master of anything stopped in the middle, period. What's it gonna take to move passed the throwing up phase? #guidedbybiet #🙏 #meditation #meditationhotpants